The Sunroom - Care Instructions Furniture Rugs

Handmade Rendered Product Information

All items are handmade so each piece will be slightly different and unique in its own way.
All products are made to look and feel as authentic as possible using only the best quality products
We recommend the mirrors and niches be protected from the full sun and all weather elements to prolong the longevity of each item

All the surfaces on our products have been sealed. Any dust can be wiped clean with a damp soft cloth and a small amount of mild soapy water, take care not to rub or scrape the surface.


Vintage Rugs

Your Sunroom wool rug will come to you freshly cleaned. Even though the rugs are thoroughly cleaned some rugs may retain some fine grains of desert sand as some are placed directly on the floor in some remote areas. There may also be some loose fibres due to the recent clean. This will reduce after a few vacuums. Wool is the perfect choice in a rug as it is pretty resistant and resilient. Some of these vintage pieces are a little more delicate than others. To ensure good care and longevity of your rug please take note of these care tips.

1. Shake rug outside once a week to clear out dust and any mites that may want to reside in there. (as with any natural textile product). Also leave in a safe sunny place for an hour or so.

2. Vacuum frequently to remove dust, dirt, pet hair , debris etc. Vacuum across ways instead of length ways, as this helps to work with the weave.

3. For any spills use a cloth with tepid water to wipe. Make sure the cloth it is not coloured as it may transfer the colour. Baby wipes that are water based or any wipes that are chemical free are fine to use also. The sooner the spill is wiped the less chance of the rug being stained.

IMPORTANT Please note: If you need to place your rug in storage for any length of time please make sure it is very well sealed and also use a form of moth deterrant . Moths and mites like dark spaces and may find a way to your rug . Your Wool rug is a natural product and should also be aired out regularly.